Financial benefits for hourly wage employees

With a keen focus on a historically marginalized workforce, Kepler Savings is rewriting the playbook, seamlessly picking up where a traditional 401(k) plan might fall short. It's more than just enrolment numbers and charts – Kepler is a savings journey

Unlocking financial benefits

No hidden costs

We get it, you didn’t start a company to become a retirement benefits expert. Try the estimated cost calculator to see Kepler vs 401(k)s this should give you a better understanding of what you can expect.

  • No fiduciary risks

  • No reporting to the IRS

  • No federal stress testing

  • No annual plan audits

  • We’re connected to 100’s of payroll providers

  • Not required to make matching contributions

  • No extra admin costs to manage old 401(k) accounts

  • No need to hire or consult people to manage your benefits

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*Based on 401(k) cost research done by Marc Kronson who is an economist in the Division of Compensation Data Analysis and Planning, Bureau of Labor Statistics for the US Government, you can learn more about Employee Costs and Risks in 401(k) Plans here

We’re projecting an annual expense of $65 per 401(k) account holder, although the average is $75 annually per 401(k) account. This doesn’t include any annual fees associated to the employers 401(k) plan for admin costs pertaining to 401(k) loans, penalties, consultants, or 401(k) plan switching. This calculation doesn’t include your companies 1-5% employee match, which would need to come from company revenue to make this monthly contribution. This 401(k) calculation is not exact and subjected to different costs based on providers, and should not be used as exact calculations when budgeting 401(k) expenses, please consult with a 401(k) provider to understand full AUM fees, and total per employee costs before enrolling into any plans.