How Kepler helps your workforce?

We get it, operating a restaurant is hard enough, so don’t get sucked into those other plans that will require confusing administrative processes, tax reporting and taking on fiduciary risks.

Built for hourly wage workers

We unlock financial happiness for your employees

Money is tight and your employees might have high debts, and bills to manage, we got them covered.
  • Employees earn free money with retirement rewards
  • Spending insights
  • Debt management
  • No rollovers, account is portable
  • Financial education

Benefits are on auto-pilot

Set it and forget it

We built Kepler Savings with the goal of eliminating human touch-points.
  • We do the employee on-boarding
  • We manage employees who leave your company
  • No need to have plan administrators
  • Connect your payroll and that’s it

Earn retirement rewards

Earn FREE money while you shop

We help employees find more money to invest, so we can put more money back in their pockets every month.
  • Connect any debit or credit card to unlock savings
  • We work with 7,000+ retailers nationwide
  • Set it and forget it, let the savings add up

Beautiful financial insights

Easy to understand

Financial data can get confusing, so we make it easy to read and understand.
  • See data insights the banks won’t show you
  • Learn about your spending habits over time
  • We’ll help you save more money

It’s a portable and affordable

No rollovers needed

Today we see $1.6T in lost of forgotten 401(k)s accounts because they’re not easy to rollover.
  • Accounts automatically follow your employee
  • No more managing investment assets from previous employees
  • No fiduciary risks or liability
  • No administration work to do

Investing made easy

No experience required

Investing can be hard and intimidating to understand, we make it easy and hands off.
  • No need to understand investing, or be a pro
  • We provide the best investments based on each employees long-term financial goals
  • We auto-balance investment accounts
  • No need to understand buying and selling stocks
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Kepler Savings vs 401k

401(k)s are great for higher earning employees who benefit from the higher tax advantages of these types of accounts. Unfortunately most hourly wage employees don’t get much financial benefit from a 401(k) plan.


Account portability - Zero admin work
Works alongside other retirement plans (Yes!)
Low cost benefit built just for resturants
Penalty free withdrawal for FHA mortgage or Education
Flexible, high earning investing options
Payroll deducted
Set+forget employee enrolment and plan upkeep
Cash back auto invested
Can help in cashflow emergencies
Lower your employees monthly debts
Government tax credits (if you qualify)
Higher contribution limits
Employer matching
Financially educates your employees
Employees can make contributions anytime
Needs to be rolled over when leaving job

401(k) Plan

1 Click Payroll integration

Connect with 200+ payroll providers in seconds so we can invite your team, manage new employees and help employees as they leave to another employer. This is part of our amazing set and forget experience, no manual updating or admin hours to spend.
Plus 200+ more integrations

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Connect with our team to learn more or get a demo of Kepler Savings. If you’re ready you can always self serve and get your entire team up and running in about 60 seconds .
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