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The Mission

Kepler Savings is on a mission to help 80M+ hourly wage employees save for a better tomorrow. This specific workforce has been historically marginalized and underserved financial benefits, which has exposed massive inequities leaving workplaces financially fractured, resulting in trillions of dollars in missed savings opportunities for a working class who desperately needs these financial benefits. These financial inequities are a growing problem in every community and I would bet this issue has touched your lives through family and friends too.

Kori and Amanda decide to build Kepler Savings with the hope of helping millions people build long term wealth regardless of their financial situation or understanding of investing.

We give hourly-waged employees a much better solution, and experience that enables them to save for retirement by finding them extra money to save, giving them automatic account portability, helping them manage their debts, and removing all the friction associated with other retirement savings accounts.

And we give Companies a more attractive retirement savings strategy by removing all administrative friction, and drastically reducing the costs compared to other providers. These enhanced benefits have strong employee retention capabilities to further reduce the hard and soft costs associated with replacing a highly transient workforce.

Join us in helping these hard working Americans save for a better tomorrow.

Kepler Savings Team

The Founders

Kori Handy

Founder | CEO
The top product designer in Fintech. Over 15 years experience working at tech companies of all sizes, designing world-class products and brands used by 100M+ people globally. Lead the redesign of PayPal’s mobile consumer products and brand.

Amanda Fenn

Co-founder | CTO
Passionate problem solver and innovator with 6 years of software engineering experience on various teams at Microsoft. Developed and scaled code for 100M+ users. Culture impact driven and lead org wide campaigns. Bachelor of honours Computer Science University of Waterloo.


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Need help right away? call us(510) 990-1893

Kepler Savings and Lilly Financial Solutions  Inc. are not investment advisors and will not provide investing advice. Please contact a registered investment advisor before you make any investing decisions.

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